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Photo by Pexel

Photo by Pexel

Volunteers are an integral part of MIST. Volunteers are what makes MIST a reality. Without our dedicated volunteers (& of course the blessings from Allah), we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. From MCing Nasheed to running back and forth for MIST Bowl to helping students figure out where they’re suppose to be, there will always be something enjoyable to do by volunteering for MIST!

It’s an unforgettable experience. You learn things you didn’t even expect to learn! You form close-knit bonds with those striving to make an impact and leave a legacy for the sake of Allah as well! Just because you’re out of high school, doesn’t mean you don’t need to volunteer anymore or you can’t be a part of MIST anymore! Now you have the opportunity to contribute to the development of our youth. Our ummah. That’s even better! You get to interact with numerous students, other volunteers, judges, etc and you never know who will impact you or who you will end up impacting and changing their life!

By volunteering, you can end up impacting someone’s life. Trust us. It has happened. Be a part of the change. Be the change. Contribute to your community’s rising gems.

& Most importantly, you get stack up on those deeds. ;)

Photo by Flickr

Photo by Flickr

Our Judges are integral to ensuring that our students are evaluated with the highest of standards. 

We're looking for the judges and competition heads who have the courage (and the professionalism) to forge that change- the kind that improves, betters, and inspires the people around them.

Do you have it in you?

If you would like to be a judge at next year's tournament, please come back next year and complete the form below so that we can best match your skills and interests with an appropriate category and competition.